Elly The Jelly

About the Game

Are you ready for the Jelly? Take action in this amazing Party Game that you and your (former) friends must shoot pieces of yourselves to take the other out of the Arena!


To play this platform-shooter (at leas 1 controller is needed to the multiplayer) you control your jelly and need to push your enemies by shooting pieces of jelly.
But be careful! Each piece you shoot, you loose in weight, making you easier to be pushed!
You can get your pieces back… Or the pieces of your enemies!

As if it wasn’t enough, there are a loto of items that can be used to help you claim your victory, or just to make everything more chaotic.





Sobre o Estúdio

Seize Studios is an brazilian group of game development, been host in Brasília – Federal District. The Studio, brought to life in 2016, aims not only on creating awesome games, bring back the old spirit of when you could have fun in a whole new world without worrying about DLCs, politically correct or abusive taxes, but also help new developers by giving away tutorials and open source codes.


Programação Arte Gerência de Projeto Design Sonoro
André Agostinho
Felipe Dantas
Jônatas Dantas
Luan Ferreira
Artur Júnior
Matheus Ferreira
Renan Dantas Arthur de Castro

Promocional Art




My Controller isn’t being recognized.
Elly The Jelly uses the power of the Rewired Plugin, that constantly updates itself and accepts quite a lot of USB and Bluetooth controllers. To see a list of all supported controllers, please visit this link.

The network game is lagging.
The network multiplayer mode is in BETA and several tests are being made to improve the experience. We recommend that you check the configuration of your network to allow fast trade of information.

Other device isn’t being recognized for the Multiplayer.
The multiplayer in Elly The Jelly is just in local network. The devices must be connected in the same network, being wireless or cabled. One of the devices must be in the Character Selection screen and others in the initial menu. We also recommend that you check if there are no Firewalls or other softwares restringing others devices to connect.

Some weird behaviour happened during a network game.
Oh no!The network multiplayer mode is in BETA and several tests are being made to improve the experience.  We thank you for your compreension and ask to get in touch telling us how to reproduce the error. Meanwhile, we suggest you to close the game in every device connected and start again the process of selecting the characters.