In a land full of danger, beasts and adventures, also known as “Real Life”, there once was a boy named Felipe Dantas. He was always addicted to the idea of creating new worlds, telling stories to people, make them feel entertained.

He always had old equipments that didn’t helped him to play the so called “video games” that all the others kids were talking about. So he decided to create his own. From that day on, Felipe discovered what he would like to do with his life: Video Games.

Driven by passion for this new type of art, Felipe studied a lot, created an awful game after the other, until he had experience enough to create the awesome worlds he had always dreamed about. The day of the prophecy has come.

In 2016, on the kingdom of Brazil, Felipe created Seize Studios, a group of Game Development with the objective of not only creating awesome games, that bring fun above all other stuff, but also helping new Game Developers find their own way.

Today, Seize Studios focus on bringing the good old spirit of games back to the market, back to a time where you could have fun in a whole new world and don’t have to worry about DLCs, politicly  right non-sense and abusive taxes. Just take a seat and enjoy the ride.