Dog Band

About the Game
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Who doesn’t like dogs? Who doesn’t like music?
In Dog Band you can take care of various dogs:

  • Feed it with several types of food and water;
  • Dress it with an amazing variety of clothes;
  • Take it to bath to keep it clean and healthy;
  • Play to make it happy!

But Dog Band‘s world is even more amazing: each dog race is able to play a musical instrument! Between Akitas and Yorkshires you can mix several races to create your own tunes and make big Shows, raising your level of fame!

But be careful! The way you treat your friend changes the way it plays music!





About the Studio

Seize Studios is an brazilian group of game development, been host in Brasília – Federal District. The Studio, brought to life in 2016, aims not only on creating awesome games, bring back the old spirit of when you could have fun in a whole new world without worrying about DLCs, politically correct or abusive taxes, but also help new developers by giving away tutorials and open source codes.


Felipe Dantas Mateus Negrelli Renan Dantas
Game Design
2D and 3D Art
Game Design
Game Design

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